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First Travel Bug

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Hi all, this is my first post as we have recently started out in our local area of North Norfolk. My boys, 6 and 3 are loving being able to hunt for 'treasure' when we are out on our family walks and we would like to leave our first trackable.


Both my boys are mad on Steam Trains so i have one of their wooden brio trains which they want to paint in their own design and i have the travel bug tags to place on it. Before i proceed I would just like to put my idea out there to make sure I do it right so I do not have two disappointed boys at home!!


1 - Upon activating the travel bug I place it in an existing Cache location in a weatherproof container which i will mark 'Travel Bug'

2 - Inside container i will leave the train attached to the tag with the code, a laminated travel bug instruction setting out what we want to achieve, a pencil and a folded bit of paper so people can log their names and where it has been.


My plan is to leave the container at an existing cache close to our North Norfolk Railway and for it to travel round other to other heritage railways in the UK before finding its way back to the North Norfolk Railway.


Is there anything else that anyone would recommend i do?


Many Thanks :) 





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Hi Rob,


You seem to be combining elements of a trackable with an actual cache.


3 hours ago, RobHenry82 said:

the train attached to the tag with the code, a laminated travel bug instruction setting out what we want to achieve

This is perfect - particularly the statement of the TB’s mission.  You could place it all in ziploc bag for a bit of added protection, but it does not need to be in its own container.  (Anything too big might actually put off potential ‘carriers’.)


You can then place the TB in any cache big enough to hold it.  As you know, you’ll need to activate the TB first; then you’ll need to ‘drop’ it into the cache (using either the website or the app).


A word of warning...  A lot of trackables do go missing, so enjoy monitoring its travels while it is in play, but be prepared for that disappointment.  Sorry!


Good luck.

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