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Feature: Counties

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As a Reviewer, I support this request because of recent experience with public health orders about Coronavirus restrictions, which varied from county to county, and to quickly identify land manager regulations which might be applicable within the identified county.  I also support the request as a player because county information is highly relevant to challenge cache lovers and others who like to "color in their maps."


I do note that, currently, there is no automated coding for any of this in the Cache Submission process. The cache owner needs to select the country and region manually, and it's up to the reviewers to catch any mistakes - which happen quite frequently.  So, building all of this into Geocaching.com is a significant workset.


As a workaround, county information is readily available in third party applications such as GSAK, Project-GC and Cachly.  


Since the workset is considerable, and since county information is not essential to the core geocaching experience for the majority of users, and since workarounds are available, perhaps this explains why this feature has not already been implemented.

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