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Getting a Coin back on track

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Hi, found my first trackable GeoCoin however the person who pulled it from another Cache and placed it in the one I found it in did not log either of the interactions.  I've been in contact with them (they had made a comment in the cache log that they had placed it) and they did not understand the process.  I'd like to get the whole thing back on track but would appreciate assistance in ensuring we both (the other person is willing to help) take all the proper steps we can at this point.

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A lot of good info can be found on trackables, by hitting the Help Center.     :)


A geocoin to boot,  be surprised it's somehow gotten this far.   ;)    

"Logging them promptly" is one of the things the Trackable Owner looks for.   Sounds like that's out...

Seems that every action of the "last person" has been messed up.  If me, I'd simply "Grab it"  to start again. 

No trackable log is a lesson learned for them...

You being new at this too, kinda makes this a coin-flip  (pun intended   :D  ). 

Do you really want to come back, maybe having multiple issues with the person already unknowing of what to do (but they took that coin...) ?

We do try to get issues fixed if possible, but I'd bet the TO would also be just as happy to learn their trackable's at least still in play.

Once you Grab it, it's now in your possession (it'll say "in the hands of johnfoote74" on the trackable's page). 

The easiest way to "get started" in trackables is to "Drop it" into another cache that looks like it'd be safe n dry when you get the chance.

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Thank you for the response, everything looks good and I will be moving it close to a cache near the airport to keep it moving along. 

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Posted (edited)

Cool !  :)

Noticed just a couple "visits" (you don't have to in case you're curious... we don't) and a drop.  Congrats.

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