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There have reports over the last few days of spam arriving in geocacher email inboxes.

Geocaching HQ have already been working to resolving this matter.

Today, spam appears to also be arriving via the Geocaching Message Center.


These messages come from different addresses, with similar message text.

Geocaching HQ has already been made aware.


It would appear the same message is being sent simultaneously to groups of geocaching users at the same time.
After receiving the initial spam message, users have replied to the message, not realizing they are sending dozens (if not hundreds) of replies to other recipients.


If you receive one of these spam messages - DO NOT REPLY and DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS.


Your geocaching mobile app may be providing a notification when a message has been received - which could result in many notifications.

 You can disable notifications on your smartphone for any apps that may be constantly alerting (email, Geocaching app)


If you also wish to disable email notifications for Message Centre messages:

  • Log into your Geocaching account via web browser
  • Go to Settings (in the top right, click on the down arrow)
  • Go to Email Preferences
  • Remove the checkmark beside Message Centre
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