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Messages viewed in app only show one image

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The website allows up to three images to be attached to a Message Centre message, but when those messages are viewed in the app, only one image is visible. Here's an example of an EC response I sent a couple of days ago, firstly viewed on the website:



and now when viewed in the app:




I've tried tapping on the image that's visible and swiping it up/down/left/right in case the other two images are revealed, but nup.


This could be problematic if the EC owner is viewing their answer messages exclusively in the app.


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2 hours ago, Goldenwattle said:

I can't assist with your problem, but what interesting photographs.


GC8K5D1, the EC I DNFed just before the lockdown due to big seas preventing me from reaching some of the waypoints, and which I was finally able to get back to on Saturday and complete.

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I've found if I send more than one picture in the Message Centre on the website,  the message doesn't get sent and just disappears from the conversation. I seem to have to send the message, then the pictures in separate messages as only one image is visible.


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