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Magellan Explorists, Mounts and Bike Caching

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This is a tribute thread to my friend Jason (caching name "kloz") to whom I introduced the hobby last year.


I recently told him that I was planning a 'legacy day' where I was going to leave my phone in my pocket and cache for a day with my trusty old Magellan Explorist GC.


The Team Cap'n and I were planning to take the bikes out on a local Rail Trail, and I mentioned how much of a pain it was to cache on a bike because, of course, your hands are kinda busy! Steering, balancing your phone, watching the line, CRASH. CRACK (screen).


Magellan bike mounts are ridiculously expensive, especially for an almost-obsolete piece of equipment.


Jason's OTHER hobby is 3D Printing. Designing, drafting, printing, etc. He breaks a plastic part on something, and his immediate instinct is to look up a model number and see if the parts are 'out there'. I have a keyboard, for example, with replacement feet of different colors.


So he borrowed (stole) my GC and a few days later showed up with what you see in the pictures below. Him and his micrometer. Of course, it fits ALL Magellan devices that use that slide-on T-mount.


Awesome job. We did indeed go caching on that day. Was a joy. Bagged 11.


Message from him: Apparently, "makers" like him freely share their creations online. He gave me permission to post this and direct people to his design, should anyone be in a position to want and use it. I could just post the URL to his plans (if I knew it), but I'd rather have my friends (yes, even you meatballs out there) actually communicate with each other.  So, just Email or Message Jason through his GC profile and make a very worthwhile connection.








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