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Multi / geoart - The helpcenter is contradictory

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According to thishttps://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=127&pgid=892  "Multi-Caches that consist of a  virtual waypoint and a projection will generally not be published when used for geo-art." ... But according to the general guidelines https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=127&pgid=559 a Multi will never be published, if it only consists of a virtual waypoint and a projection (unless you have to calculate the projection in the field). Well, actually the description in the section is also kinda contradictory ... see attached ... or is there something I've completely misunderstood?



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51 minutes ago, SN67 said:

is there something I've completely misunderstood?


Virtual waypoint is different thing as Bogus waypoint. Bogus waypoint is not allowed for a multi-cache. Posted coordinates for a multi-cache may be physical or virtual. Both of them requires visiting the coordinates.

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