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Homemade Do Not Keep Me travel bug tag

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I want to print a Do Not Keep Me tag and add it to my travel bugs.  I've been putting my travel bugs in a 4mil Ziploc bag to protect them and I want to add a tag to tell people this is not SWAG but a trackeable and to not keep me.  After I print them I will use clear packaging tape to protect them.  I'd prefer to keep the tag to about 2.5 in by 1 in.


I am asking for suggestions on what the tag should say?

This is what I have so far:


Please find the 6-digit tracking number on the

TAG, go online to http://geocaching.com

to log it, then place it in another geocache so

it can continue its travels.


Thanks for the suggestions.

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I feel that you're probably just making more hassle for yourself.  You're assuming that people would bother to read anything.  :D


But it couldn't hurt to mention Geocaching 101 I guess, for the new people who join and cache that day with a phone app.

 -  They might not even know the difference between a trackable and a trade item.   :)

To be clear though...  We continue to have some long-time PMs who still trade trackables for swag, and seeing more issues with logging by long-time PMs than new kids as well.


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I agree cerberus1, I have already sent out 165 travel bugs.  I've noticed new cachers in my area that take my bugs, probably because they don't know.  I send them a friendly message and some reply they thought it was SWAG.  I have caches close to where I live and check them often.  I figured a simple note might help and its not to hard for me to make and add the note.  I am creating about 20 more bugs in the next few weeks.  I figure it can only help?

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1 minute ago, paticpatic said:

  ... I've noticed new cachers in my area that take my bugs, probably because they don't know. 

I figure it can only help?


Can't hurt....:)      But the "Travel Bugs"  have said "Do Not Keep Me" for some years now.   Can't get more basic than that...

Are you saying that's no longer written on Travel Bugs ?  Thanks.

I feel that when trackables are taken by newbs, it's often regarded a "prize" from their one weekend in this hobby.

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Anything that might increase the chances of continued life of your TB is worth a try.


I'd suggest making it easy for app wielding newbs to see a webpage with some guidance on TB treatment (not necessarily the official one) by turning the webpage URL into a QR code and adding a printout of that on your extra info. There are plenty of free websites which will perform the URL to QR code for you. Then (assuming they have a QR reader in their 'phone) your finder won't have to  go to the bother of typing in a web address , just scan the QR code and their browser can connect to the page.


The easier you make it for people to do the right thing, the more likely they are to do it .

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