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It's been 2 1/2 years since I created my only Wherigo cartridge.   It has worked great since then, but recently there have been changes at the location of the final requiring changes to the cartridge.  I use the RangerFox kit maker.  Hoping I haven't screwed something up, I have made the changes.  Back when I originally created it someone here told me to dowload and use a GWC file for upload here, but when I tried to upload it it wanted a GWZ file.  So, which is right?

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You don't have to upload anything here (with "here" being the forums of geocaching.com). GWC file is a compiled cartridge, ready to be played by a Wherigo player (i.e. some old Garmin devices or a smartphone app). GWZ file is a package used by Wherigo compiler to create the various cartridges the Wherigo.com website will offer to (human) players.

When you are connected to Wherigo\\kit website, in order to do what you want to do, you have two options :

  1. Download the GWZ file to manually publish the cartridge on Wherigo.com.
  2. Use the "Publish to Wherigo.com" link to do what it says (same as #1, but automatically).

In your case, because you're updating an existing cartridge, I'll suggest these steps:

  1. Download the GWZ file from Wherigo\\kit website (Click on your cartridge name then on "GWZ" in the right hand side menu that'll appear).
  2. Go to your cartridges page on Wherigo.com (sign in if you're not already).
  3. Look for your cartridge and click on the [edit] link on its right hand side. (If I'm correct, this link should work for you. Other people trying to follow it will not be able to edit the cartridge and will only be able to read its description and to download it).
  4. In the new page's leftmost column, you'll see a "Upload GWZ file" link. Follow it. Again, if I spotted your cartridge correctly, this is the link.
  5. Type a few words explaining what is new, use the Browse button to locate the GWZ file you downloaded in step #1 and click the "Upload GWZ File" button.

I hope it will help you.

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I just read this thread and appreciate the step-by-step directions given by Tungstène,

I just updated my tour cartridge and the GWZ link in the build site downloads a ZIP file instead. The Zip ink downloads a zip file and the GWC link downloads a GWC file, but I need a GWZ file to upload the changes I made to my cartridge. Is there another work around? thanks

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23 minutes ago, gramakitty said:

the GWZ link in the build site downloads a ZIP file instead


A .GWZ = a .zip file (GWZ stands for Groundspeak Wherigo Zipped.) Try uploading the .zip to the website anyways, it should still accept it. 

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I told HQ that the GWZ link was broken and that I was unable to download the necessary file to update my Wherigo cartridge...


HQ's reply...


"Hello gramakitty-

Thank you for contacting Geocaching HQ.

The following apps can be used to find Wherigo Caches:


Geooh Go

At this time we are not able to provide technical support for Wherigo Caches. Please try posting your question in the Wherigo forums. Geocachers in these forums can usually provide you with the best support.

If you would like to see information about the January 2021 launch of the iPhone Wherigo app, please see this forum thread.

Best regards,

Community Coordinator"


I'm not a happy Geocacher right now...

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