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BUG - Incorrect date shown when editing log

The Snowdog
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Debugged it.


When you've just entered your log using the classic method (don't ever remove this option please!), you land at a log-view page with url of the form



The pencil icon on this page has a link of the form


This is broken - it leads you to the blank-text enter-a-new-log page by mistake, as I grumbled above.


Going in from the cache page, View/Edit Log, the pencil icon links to


which *does* work.


EDIT:  ...but date seems okay.  Sorry if this sounds off-topic, but the two issues seem to stem from the same chunk of code.


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It feels like the website is shifting under our feet...


In my recent-finds list, I noticed a find dated today.  That's wrong; I'm pretty sure I never forward-dated it when I logged it yesterday.


Click to the view-log page, it shows the 26th.

Click the pencil icon to edit, it shows the 23rd!

I changed it manually to the 22nd, which I *thought* I'd specified originally.

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