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Using Geooh GO for cartridge downloads


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In case some of you have had trouble downloading cartridges with Geooh GO be sure it is actually Geooh doing the downloads. Android has a unique feature where apps can be permanently assigned to handle particular links when clicked. So instead of Geooh doing the download, you may be using WhereYouGo without realizing it.


For example, the cartridge links in cache descriptions point to Wherigo.com downloads and Android checks which apps are registered for those Wherigo links. Normally, Android presents a list of the registered apps for you to choose. After selecting one, you then can click "Always" or "One time". If you select "Always", then Android will always use that app when accessing Wherigo.com links and not show you what other apps are available to handle the download. If you selected WhereYouGo sometime in the past, then Geooh doesn't get an opportunity to perform the download... WhereYouGo fails... then you think it was Geooh that got the download error.

To fix this go into Android settings and under the Apps section locate WhereYouGo. When viewing WhereYouGo info there will be a section labeled such as "Open by Default". If you see Wherigo.com links for defaults, clear them out. Or completely uninstall WhereYouGo. After that the next time you click the cartridge link Android should ask if you want to use Geooh (or if the only registered app, open automatically). 

Geooh is currently the only app that can download Wherigo cartridges... if you let it! And if you have problems, please try emailing support@geooh.com.


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