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"Locationless" Adventure Labs


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I noticed on Reddit a rash of posts advertising "locationless" adventure labs that have been put out. They are "locationless" because there is an option, when making an adventure lab, to have no geofencing at all, meaning the objectives can be met regardless of your location. One of them was made by project-gc.com, encouraging you to explore various corners of their website to obtain code words. You could earn 5 "finds" from that one, which add to your total finds. There's another one from an Australian geocacher encouraging you to find code words sprinkled throughout his profile page, stats, logs he's written, etc. A third one I looked at was an HTML-based puzzle.


I was interested to discover this post from project-gc about their lab cache, which they've now cancelled. I feel relieved. Certainly there's a part of me that wants to say, "Whatever, let people play how they want to play." But another part of me feels that this is not what Groundspeak intended. I'm reminded of the discontinuation of virtual caches because of their increasing blandness and ubiquity. This seems like it could be headed the same way if they don't nip this in the bud.


I am working on creating an adventure lab, myself. It's going to be more of a multi-cache style adventure in a local wilderness preserve, something that gets you out and about, geocaching style. And there are geocaches hidden in that locale, and I"ll also have a "companion" cache to go along with it. I'm excited to help Groundspeak try out this experimental new thing, but a part of me wonders how much my idea differs from just a multi-cache.... Perhaps my idea isn't "out of the box" enough. Have you seen good adventure labs that are distinct from existing multicaches?

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