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cannot use website

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for the last week everytime I try to logon onto the Wherigo website or use the app on my iphone I get the following message:


An Error Has Occurred

Your request has resulted in an error. Please return to this site's home page to continue.


I get the same message when trying through internet explorer and chrome on my laptop. See attached picture. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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The same error message is displayed when I try to log in to Wherigo, so that I am unable to download a cartridge at the moment. What can I do? I have a Premium Account for geocaching.com, but when I use my login data to log in to Wherigo, it does not work. What can I do? What do you mean by

On 1/25/2020 at 9:43 AM, Teahan_family_hk said:

I deleted the app and have created a new account and it works.

Which app have you deleted and what kind of new account have you created?

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6 hours ago, JoenGPS said:

Can't log in on laptop or phone so it's not the app.....


This happens from time-to-time, because there's no one at HQ maintaining the site. Wait a bit, and it'll probably fix itself.

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Still the same as of 5/6/21..... using my laptop. I have to clear the cookies on each attempt too or it will immediately go to the error page. Interestingly, I tried the wrong password and I got the wrong password/account match message. Trying the correct combo produces the error page !?!?

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I've had this ongoing issue as well.  Yesterday, I found that I could login successfully (usually) with Microsoft Edge (yeah, hate it - but it worked) and then downloaded a cartridge, attached it to a draft email and then downloaded it to my phone.....at which time the app could use it.  


Kinda a crappy way to make it work, but it worked :)

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