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  1. Hello there is e problem with urwigo.cz ? Site is OUT ??
  2. you need you relog with your identifiant on each visit !
  3. it's a big change that deserved a discussion with users !! there may be more important things to improve on the site than that !!!
  4. It's a shame not to be able to use a product that is much better quality, and much more complete!
  5. it's not clear in the guidelines. it says that one must put a link to Wherigo.com, which makes sense. But as the site is not stable a lack of maintenance of the site. nothing prevents the guidelines from putting a backup link to wherigofoundation. This is a shame because the site is very stable and much more complete.
  6. My question : Can also add on the page of the cache a link to the same cartridge on Wherigofondation.com to provide a backup link to the player.
  7. Depuis plusieurs semaines, voir plusieurs mois, le site Wherigo.com est souvent en erreur pour la création et le téléchargement des cartouches. C'est souvent galère pour les joueurs qui n'arrivent pas à télécharger la cartouche. En attendant la résolution complète des problèmes du site Wherigo.com, la possibilité de mettre un lien de secours vers foundantionwherigo, pourrait être une solution. Malheureusement, nos amis reviewers, on la consigne de refuser les liens vers ce site. Est-il possible d’autoriser à nouveau de pouvoir indiquer un lien de secours vers foundationwherigo afin de pallier au nombreux plantage du site Wherigo.com ? For several weeks, see several months, the website Wherigo.com is often in error for the creation and download of cartridges. This is often a hassle for players who can not download the cartridge. While waiting for the complete resolution of Wherigo.com site problems, the possibility of putting a backup link to foundantionwherigo, could be a solution. Unfortunately, our friends reviewers are told to refuse links to this site. Is it possible to authorize again to be able to indicate a backup link to foundationwherigo to compensate for the many Wherigo.com site crash? Merci d'avance pour les réponses
  8. Hello Frau Potter can we upload our cartridge with/or http://wherigofoundation.com/ this will also allow players to not be penalized when there is a problem on one of the two sites. it seems like a good alternative
  9. there is an altenative http://wherigofoundation.com/ better and more recent, but it's not authorised
  10. You can not check secondary coordinates at this time. is this planned?
  11. Suivant les GL, seul le pseudo est obligatoire et rien d'autre ! Donc malheureusement on peut rien faire pour le moment ! Sauf si son pseudo est pas présent sur le logbook !
  12. Ciao, Un tutorial è qui! https://www.facebook.com/groups/UrwigoItalia/ Fred Verturin
  13. au lieu de faire un found-it ou une write note sur fait "Archive" et la cache sera supprimé mais toujours visible pour consultation uniquement
  14. It there a way to retrieve the GPS information in LUA ? As the GPS date to compare it with that of the device? @verturin
  15. it's a shame, the site Wherigo.com is old and does not have all the possibilities of wheriogfoundation.com it's a shame to return 10 years back with the old site! It does not grow geocachers to use wherigos. Or Groundspeak seeks to stop wherigos?
  16. Hello From the moment there is also the old website http://www.Wherigo.com/ Why http://wherigofoundation.com/ the site can not be placed on the page of a Wherigo, even a indication. Where is the problem ? For there has enormously good thing in the site RangerFox
  17. Sur la page de ta cache, tu as outils administrateur et editer tu édites ta page et tu modifies les coordos
  18. Thank you has all How I I may close the subject on the forum Fred
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