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Fixing minor issues on the map

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While out caching with the app the other day I noticed a typo in the name of a feature on the map. (If you want to see it, it's near the icon for GC790XR --- the caption says "Boomslang Canopy Trailil", so the last word should read "Trail".) 


So I made a note to go on to OpenStreetMap.org and fix this typo when I got home. But on that site, I can't find this caption at all. The path is listed as "Tree Canopy Walkway" (see here). Is there more than one OSM database? How can I go about making this tiny, tiny fix?

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There's only one OSM database, but many maps are built from that one database, in varying degrees of freshness.  Groundspeak's maps are at the stale end of the scale, often months behind the current state of the database.  The link you posted, openstreetmap.org, shows the freshest possible view of the data, usually within a few minutes of any change.


And as you saw, the misspelt feature is missing from that link, meaning from the main database.  Someone must have already fixed the typo by simply removing the viewpoint node.  EDIT  ...likely because the walkway was already mapped and titled, so the extra misspelt node with its own title was judged redundant.


Nothing needs to be done.  :)


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It has been at least a year since any updates have been made. That was as far back as I checked in my change history on OpenStreetMap. It is disappointing that all the work people do, including myself, to help improve the map for geocaching does not get made use of on a more timely basis. I make my own maps so at least I get the benefit. Online at least people can switch to the base OSM map, if they know to do that. With the GC app you don't have that choice.

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