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Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy - I agree Fails

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Hi Happy New Year !

I cannot access Geocaching.com due to I suspect my computer operating system????   I cannot get past the  " I agree "  green tab to proceed.    I agree with the new policy however, the website will not acknowledge my mouse clicks on the (I AGREE) tab.

When I go to Geocaching.com, I am prompted with new updated terms of use and Privacy policy.      Near the bottom of the page was a BLUE box " THIS SITE USES COOKIES'   to accept Cookies.   I clicked the (ACCEPT) BLUE box and then near the middle of the screen, I read the Terms of use and privacy policy.    When I hover my mouse over the (I AGREE) green button, the mouse changes from a white arrow to a white right hand with pointing index finger.    However clicking on the I agree tab does not respond.

 My PC is running Windows XP and Google chrome.    I also tried using Firefox unsucessfully.   

I cannot update the operating system due to two software packages, I use for work.

Please advise.



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Are you really sure that you agree?


Did you take the time to read both the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy from start to finish?


Maybe the site recognized that you scrolled through it too fast? Or maybe you only clicked on one of the links?

Just joking, this is a known bug reported in numerous threads already :)

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