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Police Called For Geocaching

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12 minutes ago, colleda said:

From the article: "The majority of victims by far are farm workers, with 56 of the 74 deaths from this group, while mostly lone walkers who had dogs made up the remaining 18 who had been killed. Of the 18 members of the public, all were present on public footpaths or commonly used rights of way, all but one were accompanied by a dog and with exception of one man who had wandered away from a family group, all were lone walkers or accompanied by one other person."


I didn't have the seemingly requisite dog with me. I must admit that after living on a dairy farm for a few months when younger and milking cows, I don't have a great fear of cows, although I would not come between a cow and her calf, which also goes for many animals.

Dogs can be problems with other animals too, such as kangaroos, especially the males.

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19 hours ago, Goldenwattle said:

I came upon several of those on my visits to the UK. After looking left and right, I've continued on.

I'm sure some of those signs are placed by farmers to put walkers off, altho' as cattle tend to be moved from one pasture to another to graze it may be that there is sometimes a bull in that field ... It's absolutely legal for a farmer to have a bull of a placid breed in a field crossed by a R.O.W., as long as the bull has his harem with him ... it is a tad worrying though when some giant lump of beef stands up,  and you see that what appeared to be a reclining cow obviously isn't .... I've walked through fields with such herds in them   (very carefully, keeping an eye out for possible quick exit points and never coming between cows and their offspring , even if it means an inconvenient detour)  and never had a problem. The most fearsome looking beasts , shaggy highland cattle with huge horns and other traditional longhorn breeds are the most placid and amenable in my experience .


The bovine  bane of cachers round here though, are the teenage hooligans : nosy curious bullocks and heifers. Those perishers will notice you, one brave one will start to walk over to have a closer look , the rest will do the herd animal thing and brainlessly follow on , so you find yourself with an accelerating stampede heading your way, especially if there is a bit of a slope down towards you.


I'd rather walk through a field with a mixed herd including a bull any day !

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