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Geo Caching with an I Phone


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There was a time when I could go caching using my I Phone and have expectations of success. Not any more.

For a long time my phone would

accept an azimuth and take me to a cache. However now it will accept the azimuth and start towards the cache. But when I get close to the cache the screen freezes and generally points 90 degrees off the cache. I can work around this problem if there is a road displayed on the map. If I am in the woods or on a field, dead in the water.  If I continue walking in the original direction the distance measurement will continue to drop. If I follow the direction displayed on the phone it takes me away from the cache. I have not found a way to get the Phone to re accept the azimuth and point towards the cache.


I think this has something to do with when Apple started using 3 digit gestures to control some app functions. What ever it is it has made the phone useless for Geo Caching.


I have contacted Apple several times but have not found anyone that has any idea of the concept of navigating using a compass or directional device.

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