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Data required?

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2 hours ago, Charissadee said:

Do you need data to access all of the stages when using the Where You Go app for android?

No. I use GDAK on my tablet and have offline maps for it. WhereYouGo uses the same maps I just had to set the map location to the right directory. So as long as you download the maps for your location, you're good to go.

I can use data when I want to but never need to have a live data connection.

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To expand on the question:

- To download the cartridge, you need data.

- To play the cartridge itself, you do not need data.

- To use some of the extra things a player app offers--namely maps--you will need data.  As on4bam stated, some player apps might let you download map tiles beforehand.

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Just To Add Onto This... Its Not Required To Use Data But Your GPS will most likely be a little bouncy while trying to play it... ive played a couple of wherigos without data but data makes it 100% easier for me

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