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Can not update cache - Sandbox ?

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Aloha !


For some reason I can not update my caches anymore. 


  • I go to the cache page
  • Click [ Edit ] 
  • Make some alterations in the cache page (a new link to a banner)
  • Click on button [ Save ]


then.... nothing happens.


When I look in the console of the browser I see this line :


Blocked form submission to './edit.aspx?guid=0066e2d6-a94e-43f4-9695-ff996bdd3f09' because the form's frame is sandboxed and the 'allow-forms' permission is not set.

I have tried different browsers, clearing cache and cookies, I even tried a different PC al together...
Nothing helps... I simply can not save my cachepage.







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Aloha !


The HTML I use is always the same one. I have it on HDD and just copy paste it.
The used HTML is so simple, I see no reason why that would be an issue.


Having said this, I did try again and lo and behold.... it works...







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