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  1. Aloha ! Well for example, I had a piece of software for Windows CE5 calles Free Navigator (or Navigator Free) whitch I used for water navigation. I think I also had a Garmin with 4 digits, one of the early ones. Later I got a Nuvi 670 and that had gone back from 4 to 3 digits. Come to think of it, even TomTom 5 had 4 digitis but I do not cross my heart for that... Weird. My Locus Map standard has 4 digits ? That is, not when showing (it will leave out the trailing zero) but if you enter new waypoints or changes coords, it is allways 4 digits ? See the attachement, I just clicked on the map, added a new waypoint and voila, four digits. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeers Jecepede
  2. Aloha ! It worked... Turns out you have to wait a night for the data to be gathered by some job but then you can easyly download it Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeers, Jecepede
  3. Aloha ! I stand corrected. This should have gottin it's own thread. My reasoning was I did not want to double post and hopefully spare the original poster the same mistake as I am doing... 1/4 impuls ahead ? I have not tried since I figuerd : If it does not work with 920 caches, why try with an account that has even more caches... Cheeeeeeeeeeeers, Jecepede
  4. Aloha ! Oh that is so cool ! I love the Oregon 600. I just check both my TomToms and they too only have three digits. Butl like I said. From a practical standpoint having 4 digits is not really usefull. When I am navigating in my car in a city with lots of highrise buildings, I sometimes get an error margin of a car length. Goodbye precision...... and yet, I allways arrive at my destination. By the way, I do not have professional stuff #TooExpensive. I did see some measuring devices that were able to measure with 7 (yes seven) digits. But that equipement was used for tracking tectonic plate movement... Sayyyyyy would that no be awesome ?!?!?!?! My cache is at : N 51° 58.3802642' E 005° 31.8199275' Oh wait, no it would not ? Cheeeeeeeeeeers, Jecepede
  5. Aloha ! I have tried both programs, first GDAk in combination with GSAK and later Locus Map. Well... I am a total sucker for Locus Map. To make a daring comparison... GDAK does not even have half the (usefull) functions as the free version of Locus Map has. Locus Map runs smoother even on older devices. Locus Map has an automated backup system Locus Map has a HUGE db of maps : Open Andro Maps : just click and it automatically installs Locus Map maps have various layouts for BMX-ing, hiking, car-driving etc Locus Map can record and rerun a recorded track (nice for mountain biking) Locus Map has the ability to im- and export tracks and poi's Locus Map supports (the now grandfathered) GCVotes Locus Map supports offline caching by completely downloading the choosen cache Locus Map is able to download a Google Map-preview of the aria you should be in. (Handy if you are on a tight data plan) Locus Map can do all Geocache related stuff like projecting, antipole, 161m circles, drawing lines, find middles of points, logging of caches and TB's, pocket queries Locus Map has a build in filter (like a tiny pocket query) Locus Map can display maps with 'follow me' and/or top of map vs north up. Locus Map can handle Openstreetmap notes Locus Map does 'budy tracking' (Where is my friend ?) Locus Map has live GeoCaches on the map (if data isn't an issue) Locus Map has build in Chirp detection (if your device has NFC) Locus Map has an ANT+ manager (for bike, pedo, heartrate, temp and many more ANT+ sensors) Locus Map.... oh gee.... I start to sound like a commercial... .......in any case. I have tried many many other apps and Locus map just stands above anything else. It is truely a frisky five-legged stallion Cheeeeeeeeeeeers, Jecepede
  6. Aloha ! Oh I should of elaborated. I can login to my cache buddies profile so in essence I am my cache buddy after I log into my cache buddies profile. So my cache buddies finds are... my finds... (Am I making sence ?) Soooo read carefully again.... and.... I got 450 caches ? This is what the output of the query looks like : 1. (lightning-icon) My Finds Pocket Query 1.02 Mb 450 22/Jun/2019 (6 days remaining) What am I doing wrong ? We have wanted this for ions but can't get over the 1000 caches/500 km boundary ??? Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers, Jecepede
  7. Aloha ! Elas, the tips from arisoft and noncentric do not work since pocket queries will max out on 1000 chaches or 500 km. I tried to run some queries on my cache-buddies profile, who found 920, I only got as far as a downloadable file of 450 caches. Cheeeeeeeeeers, Jecepede
  8. Aloha ! I beg to differ : I have been using GPS coordinates loooooooooooooooooong before Geocaching was a thing and I have allways use FOUR minute-digits : DD° MM.mmmm' Then I currently have a number of GPS devices, old and new, same story. Allways four digitis : DD° MM.mmmm' Even my cache program on my android phone, Locus Map (The best one EVER), uses : DD° MM.mmmn' I was a bit surprised that GeoCaching dropped this standard and made there own ??? I get it from a practical standpoint : I mean... in a forest with a dense leaftop or on a lake with signal reflections the precision goes out the window. But still... four digits is the normal standard so why mess with it ??? Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeers, Jecepede
  9. Aloha ! You are correct. I was unable to fund it too. There is a tiny page about it in the Dutch Geocaching forums : Geldige HTML Eventhough it is Dutch, HTML shoudl be HTML everywhere so you should get a pretty good idea. Other than this, it is just guessing and see what works.... Basically, if you stick to tables, bold face, italics, italics, some asign-tags you should be fine. Äs för thè wéïrd létters You can use these. Á á À Â à Â â Ä ä Ã ã Å å Æ æ Ç ç Ð ð É é È è Ê ê Ë ë Í í Ì ì Î î Ï ï &Aacute; &aacute; &Agrave; &Acirc; &agrave; &Acirc; &acirc; &Auml; &auml; &Atilde; &atilde; &Aring; &aring; &Aelig; &aelig; &Ccedil; &ccedil; &Eth; &eth; &Eacute; &eacute; &Egrave; &egrave; &Ecirc; &ecirc; &Euml; &euml; &Iacute; &iacute; &Igrave; &igrave; &Icirc;&icirc; &Iuml; &iuml; Ñ ñ Ó ó Ò ò Ô ô Ö ö Õ õ Ø ø ß Þ þ Ú ú Ù ù Û û Ü ü Ý ý ÿ &Ntilde; &ntilde; &Oacute; &oacute; &Ograve; &ograve; &Ocirc; &ocirc; &Ouml; &ouml; &Otilde; &otilde; &Oslash; &oslash; &szlig; &Thorn; &thorn; &Uacute; &uacute; &Ugrave; &ugrave; &Ucirc; &ucirc; &Uuml; &uuml; &Yacute; &yacute; &yuml; © ® ™ & < > € ¢ £ " ‘ ’ “ ” « » — – ° ± ¼ ½ ¾ × ÷ α β ∞ non-breaking space &copy; &reg; &trade; &amp; &lt; &gt; &euro; &cent; &pound; &quot; &lsquo; &rsquo; &ldquo; &rdquo; &laquo; &raquo; &mdash; &ndash; &deg; &plusmn; &frac14; &frac12; &frac34; &times; &divide; &alpha; &beta; &infin; &nbsp; Uhmm switching ? Dunno. I never use the WYSIWYG editor... I think it sucks badly by adding <p>'s you don't want, messing up the special chars etc... - - - By the way, suddenly the editing works again so I am happy cacher ? I bet they changed something. The only thing I do is copy paste my HTML from a TXT file into the website..... Cheeeeeeeeeers, Jecepede
  10. Aloha ! I hate to be the devils advocate but if you really are still using Windows Xp.... get rid of it. Official support from Microsoft ended on april 2014. As per writing of this post, that is more than five years ago. There are no security updates for either the OS nor the browsers that can run under it anymore. This means that you my friend, have just opened up your PC to basically ALL and every security hazard in the big wide world... So sorry Viajero, this is really, REALLY a very bad advice... Get some Linux distro (for free) or a Windows 10 (for a couple of bucks) and voila, you are a happy cacher once more... Cheeeeeeeeeeeers, Jecepede
  11. Aloha ! The HTML I use is always the same one. I have it on HDD and just copy paste it. The used HTML is so simple, I see no reason why that would be an issue. Having said this, I did try again and lo and behold.... it works... Cheeeeeeeeeeers, Jecepede
  12. Aloha ! That could be. I have made a crosspost to there... Cheeeeeeeeeers, Jecepede
  13. Aloha ! Did you mess things up with this new feature ? See : Jecepede Cheeeeeeeeeeers,
  14. Aloha ! For some reason I can not update my caches anymore. I go to the cache page Click [ Edit ] Make some alterations in the cache page (a new link to a banner) Click on button [ Save ] then.... nothing happens. When I look in the console of the browser I see this line : Blocked form submission to './edit.aspx?guid=0066e2d6-a94e-43f4-9695-ff996bdd3f09' because the form's frame is sandboxed and the 'allow-forms' permission is not set. I have tried different browsers, clearing cache and cookies, I even tried a different PC al together... Nothing helps... I simply can not save my cachepage. Cheeeeeeeeeeeers, Jecepede
  15. Aloha ! Al geruime tijd kijk ik naar 'The Blind Filmcritic' aka Tommy Edison. Dit is een blinde Youtuber die zich er absoluut niet van laat weerhouden om de dingen te doen die tussen aanhalingstekens, normale mensen ook doen. Hij kijkt films, wandelt, gaat naar beurzen, reist met het vliegtuig etc etc... Ik vroeg mij nu ook af, zijn er ook blinde GeoCachers ? Ik ben namelijk ERG nieuwsgierig hoe dat in zijn werk gaat en.... misschien mag ik wel een keertje mee ???? Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeers, Jecepede
  16. Cewl !!! Please Let us know how they turn out to be... Cheeeeeeeeeeers Jecepede
  17. Aloha ! First off. I never said I dont want a bug on my car, I am talking about the little icons on the GeoCaching website. Also, that bug might not be as famous as you might think. If you travel to the eastern part of Europe, it is the lil' gekko that 'rules the world'.... Btw. I did find a cool icon and an even cooler decal. Check this out : http://www.mygeocoin.de/en/Cachemobile/Cachemobile-Set--Coin---Label.html Cheeeeeeeers..... Jecepede
  18. A MILLION times sorry.... I had not clicked on the 'Follow this topic' button so I did not see you guys reply and then I forgot about it. Anyway, after more that three months trying to get in toutch with the owner (now previous owner) I had only seen one log for it. I descided to turn it into a trackable of my liking and send it of into the merry world. Now, almost a year later, I had not a single false ID. Everyone just sees and logs my lil' doggy Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers Jecepede
  19. Aloha ! Ok that seems like a lot of money for a trackable. On the other hand, I could try a Kickstarter project for this. Try to get enough funding for say 150 items with my icon and design, keep a douzen or so myself and sell the rest. There is however a catch to this. I searched for buying codes and found the page 6.1. Tracking Code Policy Here it says one has to own all the rights to the images, so the car-brand-logo is out and I need to come up with another design. I have searched for a nice logo and I found a couple I liked but then you get stuck with a 'weird' text. Lets say I, for example, choose a kiwi-fruit. Then my trackable will be called "Kiwi Fruit - New Zealand Geocoin" I have never even been in New Zealand hahaha.. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers Jecepede
  20. Aloha ! Here a question that has been asked a number of times on these formus but this time with one slight difference : How can I make my own travelbug with it's own icon... --- The idea : I want to make my car trackable. That is easy. Buy a decal, slap it on the windshield and voila. But then I am stuck with the standaard bug-icon. What I would like to have, something dangling from the trailer-hich (aka a tow bar), and an icon on the www.geocaching.com website in the form of my car-logo. Thus, in my case the two chevrons from Citroën. Fun fact : Here are all the currently known icons : https://www.geocaching.com/track/geocoinslistall.aspx Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeers, Jecepede
  21. Aloha ! Ok weird story here; I was caching with my lil' gurl and we discovered a trackable stamp in the "MiLi-cache (GC4PR1H)" cache. Naturally we took a picture of it so we could discover it back home. But at home while discovering, something weird happend... I had typed in the trackingnumber and the stamp came up. After typing out the discovery-log, I hit submit and almost immidiatly I got an error about failed activation (?). I clicked on the back button of my browser and fell into a 404 page not found. After reloading I searched the trackable stamp again. After it came up it was very, very empty. There were no pictures, no logs no nothing. Then I noticed I had the option "Edit this trackable". Ehhrr ??? "Edit this trackable" ??? Sure enough, it suddenly was in our account. So I added a goal and a discription saying it is does not belong to us and send the owner, or hopefully the rightful owner, an e-mail telling the story. Anyway, to make a long story short. - Does anybody know what I did wrong ? And what if I cannot find the owner ? Can I keep this tracking code for myself ? Or can I delete it ? Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers everyone ! Jecepede & JB PS: For a view of the trackable : http://coord.info/TB5WK9Y
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