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question about placing my first multi-cache

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Looking at creating a 5-stage multi-cache is our hometown.  Was thinking to hide coordinates for each stage.  One of the stages (that would be a great spot), I noticed, is within the 528 feet of another just-traditional cache.  I was thinking just to hide a label that displays coordinates for the next stage, and adhere it to the bottom of a lake-dock fishing pier.  Question is: Can I hide this coordinate label as one of the stages if it is within 528 feet of a separate traditional cache, being that it's just a simple coordinate tag as part of a multi-cache?


thanx!  -bill

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Each physical element of your cache must be at least 528 feet away from any physical element of any other cache.  A "label that displays coordinates" counts as a physical element, because you placed it in the environment - just the same as an ammo can or Lock 'n Lock would count as a physical element.  So, no, you cannot place your tag on the lake dock fishing pier if that spot is less than 528 feet from someone else's cache.


Solution for a workaround:  look for a sign or label that is already present in the environment, and take letters or numbers from that object to substitute into a formula, provided on the cache page, which yields the coordinates for the next stage.  Is there a manufacturer's name stamped on the pier girders?  Is there a sign about the pier closing at dark, or saying that fishing licenses are required?  Objects already in the environment are classified as virtual stages, which are exempt from the 528 foot cache saturation guideline.  This way, you still accomplish your objective of getting geocachers onto the fishing pier as part of your multicache.

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