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Mingo Geocache, Kansas


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I live in Scotland and am hoping to visit the USA next August. I would really love to be able to find this cache but do not feel up to driving in the US. Any suggestions as to how I could reasonably access this cache would be most welcome. Thank you.

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I've visited Mingo twice.  It is in the middle of nowhere, which is part of its appeal and a reason for its longevity.  Located just off an exit from Interstate Highway 70, the cache is more than three hours driving distance from the nearest major airport (Denver).  Seven hours is a long Uber trip! 


Have a look at the Google map link on the cache page, including the street view from I-70, and you will see what you're up against.  There's no train station, no bus stop.  Just wide open space.  I recommend renting a car at the Denver airport and making a day of it.  If you're truly set against driving, your best option may be to find other geocachers interested in making a road trip, and offering to share expenses.


While in the area, consider visiting Arikaree, also hidden in May 2000 by the same Cache Owner.  About 100 miles from Mingo, Arikaree offers more interesting scenery.

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On 6/4/2019 at 7:40 AM, The Leprechauns said:

...There's no train station, no bus stop...


A few years ago ago someone said they were on a Greyhound bus that passed right by the cache.  Earlier they asked the driver if he would stop for a couple of minutes.  He wouldn't. 


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