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Problems with the new website

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I have several problems with the new web site

1) Unable to hide my finds - there doesn't appear to be any way to hide my hides

2) Unable to create list - In the past I could create a list of all the caches on the map, but now I have to select 1 cache at a time

2) Unable to view all the caches in the list that I created - I schedule a down load the list I created but can not view or download it myself


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The "new web site" you're referring to is the new Search map, which has become the default map type.  I'd suggest clicking on the "Browse geocaches" button at the upper-right of the map and/or bookmark this link, to get to the Browse map. That Browse map will probably be familiar to you.


In order to hide your Finds on the new Search map in your OP, then you'd need to scroll down in the left-side pane and click on "Not Found" in the "Cache Status" section. Then click on "Done".  When you have a list of caches in the left-side pane, then you can click on the checkbox next to each one that you want and "Add x to List" at the bottom.


You can read through THIS THREAD if you want more specifics about the map changes.

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