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red headed fury

Travel Bug/Coin with No Tracking Number

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I have had a travelbug/coin in my possession for a while and I wanted to set it free or find the owner...It is a Star Trek Coin - on the front is The Federation with the star trek symbol.  On the back is 6 names - Greg, Janet, James, Phillip, Samantha, and Channey with a Star Date of 2005137.  Dont remember how or where I got it from but found it in my geocaching bag....




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Posted (edited)

I don't see a lot of references to these online.  One old ebay listing says it's not trackable.  Is there any inscription around the edge of the coin?


In the pictures, it almost looks like the last three digits of the "star date" are stamped separately, as if these are serialized.  Not a 6-digit official Geocaching.com tracking number, but an individual numbering system based on the year 2005.





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Agree with kunarion.  Saw one at an event once and it seemed to be a sig coin, not trackable on the site.

Coins like that get passed around at events a lot, along with another with a hole in it. 

I'd hold onto it as a souvenir, rather than drop it in a cache and have another thread a month from now on the same subject.   :)

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