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[BUG]: Search map, wrong "Placed By/CO" for Events


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This is an odd bug that I noticed while trying to "search" for events in an area I'm traveling to.


1.  Search Map:   I clicked on Event icons from left to right.

The Placed by / on info correctly changed as I clicked from "Cache 26th..." to "Middle of..." - but did not update as I clicked on "Creation Celebration..." and "17th Annual..."



2.  I had to click on "Description & Hint" of the "17th Annual Texas Challenge and Festival" in order to see the actual date of the event, which is actually in the past (3/9). Then x'd out of the description to see the correct info in the left preview pane.


3.  I then clicked on Event icons from right to left.

The Placed by / on info now shows the correct CO/Date for the "17th Annual..." event (see step 2 above) - but does not update as I click on "Creation Celebration..." and "Middle of..." icons.  But then it does update and show the correct info for "Cache 26th...".



4.  Compare this to the quick-and-easy view of the Event Date when clicking on an event cache icon using the Browse Map.



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To add.  I also opened the Search map using the direct url.  Then panned over to the area around HQ and hit "Search this area".  I then clicked through the three Event cache icons visible on the map and saw the same results.  The "Placed by / on" info displayed did not change as I clicked from one Event icon to another.  All three events show the CO/Date of the first event I click on.


If I click on an Event, then a non-Event, then another Event - then the correct CO/Date is displayed for each cache.  But clicking from one Event to another shows incorrect info.



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