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Advanced Search - Filters changed to 'new' experience, when?


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I've been out-of-touch with the recent happenings. Went to do a Search just now, for the first time in weeks, and noticed the "Filters" button goes to the confusing format of the 'new' map experience filters.  Was there a thread about this?  Is this permanent?

I am opted out of the new Map experience, but yet I still see the Search Filters in the 'new' format. I find it very confusing because of the mix of selection types - checkboxes for type, color boxes for size, cache statuses are actually all selected if both are blank.  Is there a way to opt-out of this and get back to the 'old' Filters?




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Agreed.  This came as something of an unwelcome shock when trying to search for a cache last night.  (A bit of hyperbole there, but we still were surprised and disappointed by the change.)


I would also like the ability to opt out of this new look - the old one worked fine and seems to me to be easier and more straightforward to use.  Not every view on every Web site needs to be redone to look like a smartphone app.


Was this change made in error or is this a permanent thing?

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