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Issues with downloaded lists.

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This past weekend we were geocaching through the Texas Panhandle and Big Bend regions.  There were many areas without cell coverage.  I had downloaded our list to both the Geocaching App as well as Geeoh.  However, every time I went back into the Geocaching app, my offline lists had disappeared.  I have not had an issue with downloaded lists before this.


We are going on another run this weekend.  If it occurs again, I will get screenshots.


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After selecting the list: (three lines) > Lists > (list name)


You also need to save the data for offline use: (three dots) > Download Offline Data


If you don't do the final Download Offline Data step, then the app doesn't actually save the cache data for offline use. Yeah, I know, the extra step is stupid, and no other geocaching app that I've used has required it.

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I have had this same issue recently. Always download offline data for each list that I make for that days outing. We live in a very rural area and lose cell signal often so its a must to have that data downloaded and to have google maps offline areas downloaded as well.


The past two times we went out and lost cell coverage, all but one list (one we are not using) would disappear. However, if you backed out and looked on the map view, they were all there and could select them and read about them, get cords to enter into a GPS (if necessary).


...Android 8.0 - Latest Geocaching App update.

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Same issue for us ....


Whilst abroad recently I downloaded a list of 14 caches for offline use.

Then, when out of wifi range of various hotels the list was not showing as downloaded for offline use (no green tick).

Once back in wifi range I could download the list again but when the wifi connection was lost and an attempt to access the list was made the app either crashed or the dowloaded list was lost.


Now back in the UK and the problem persists, even with wifi connection.

I can download a list and select that list to display.

If I then use the 'back arrow' to return to the view of all of the lists, the downloaded list (green tick) has gone from the one I chose to download.


This error has been replicated on 3 different android phones, 2 of them using app version 7.7.0 on Android 8.0.0.

One phone is a Samsung SM-A520F and the other a Samsung SM- 600FN.


We rely on the app for our geocaching and also rely on offline lists a lot.

Therefore we would be grateful for a speedy resolution.

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