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HELLO!  I will be trekking around the east bank and interior regions of the Western Interior seaway, (KANSAS). i want to place a qr code on shells that i will leave in the cache. Anyone know of the best way to create a code and then place it on the shell?  thanks

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I'm guessing you mean sea shells. Is the QR code for a web site?  If you don't want to just attach the web site address, make a QR code that is as compact as possible.  Tinyurl.com and others make a long URL into a short one.  Free "QR Code Generators" would then make the code itself.  Less data (URL as short as possible) means your code can be more reliably read later.  Print it as a sticker, maybe on weatherproof paper.  If it's a QR code that you will re-use, you can get it professionally done on a waterproof item (some kind of small tag), which you could attach or glue to irregularly shaped shells.


If it's just a 6-digit tracking number, it doesn't even need to be a "QR Code".  But a shortened URL to the trackable's log page might work.


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I feel the best way to is to use a jet marking system (like on bulk packaging boxes).


Many code generator sites sell labels or ink stamps with your code on it, or have links to those who do

Ink stamps on a small, curved surface awkward.

 - Curved surface probably means small to fit - 3/8 to 1/2 maybe, but IIRC, printing your own labels is around an inch minimum to be clear with home printers.  Maybe that's changed...

What's the intent for the code ?   I won't scan anything in a cache anymore, so just curious.   :)

Tiny "smalls" with a shell in it...well, if folks are careful...

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