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How to protect yourself while caching?


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15 hours ago, Bundyrumandcoke said:

GW, if you want glowing eyes, try some of those colour changing LED solar garden lights. For the 2013 Australian Scout Jamboree, I modified one of those plastic garden gnome owl bird scarers to have glowing, colour changing eyes. Pulled apart a couple of those solar garden lights, extended the wires, drilled holes into the owls eyes, and fitted the LEDs into the eyes. Good enough to look interesting at anything over a couple of metres. One of these----- https://www.bunnings.com.au/41cm-brown-owl-bird-scarer_p3040634

I have seen those in Bunnings and wondered what could be done with one to make an interesting, themed, cache. I might mull on that one for a while.

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