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Well Folks, It's About To Happen...


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This topic made me think of other interesting WM IDs. I started to wonder:

  • Who is a WMNERD? :-)
  • What shall we do, when WMAWAY disappears?
  • Did you know that 1930 is the WMYEAR?
  • Is there really no entrance fee for WMFREE?
  • Will WMEVER ever be sent for Review?
  • When was WM2007 posted?
  • If the first "WM" in WMWMWM stands for WayMark and the second for Wildlife Museums, what does the third "WM" stand for? Maybe, "Windschattenwanderer Made it"?


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I see that WMG0NE is still with us.

Since it's in California, WMHAZY was probably sunny.

WMCATS and WMD0GS have both run away.

I suppose that we can all take heart that there's no WMSN0W in Waymarking, but a little WMRA1N did fall in Boston.

Equally heartening is the lack of WMC0LD in Waymarking, but Oklahoma once got a bit of WMHEAT.

If you were in Montana on August 17, 1959 you might be forgiven for shrieking "Oh WMCRAP, I think it's an earthquake!".

Strangely, WMHERE, to almost everyone here, is actually there.

There seems to be no WML0VE anywhere to be found, but there was WMHATE to be found in Illinois.

Apparently it's not possible to keep an WMEVEN WMKEEL while Waymarking.

Gladly, there's no WMEV1L in Waymarking, but we found WMG00D in nearby Fruitvale, British Columbia.

Well, it's getting late, so I'm going to go get some  WMZZZZssss.


BTW, how do you find a WM that hasn't yet been sent for review?


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