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A challenge this summer...?


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I have an idea for an event cache, and I'm looking to see how many people would be interested in participating.


I have a virtual cache called Top Score. I was thinking of having a 'Top Score Challenge'... $3 to enter.. That would cover the cost of games, some sort of prize for the winner, and some food/drink afterwards.


Here's a little sample(there will be more than 8 people) line-up that I made.


As for the selection of games to play, I was thinking that each pair of players would choose their favorite game, and then let a coin toss decide....or...?


Would anyone be up for this? Maybe in July...?





N 45? 30.ish

W 122? 58.ish

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What a great excuse to make my first geotrek to Portland, to spend nice Northwest summer day in a dark noisy smelly arcade. I'm there!


um with a few reservations... Friends coming to visit late July or early August would put the kibosh on it. The only game I'm really good at is the ancient 'Missile Command', so if there is still one there in good working order and there is someone foolish enough icon_smile.gif to compete against me at it, then...

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Originally posted by GeoNap:

Sounds cool to me... I have visions of Galaga on the brain! It's been a LONG time since I've played Galaga... I still LOVE it though.

I was literally addicted to video games when I was a pre-teen/teen (and we're talkin' early/mid-80's!) I fondly remember Tempest and Centipede and the sit-down Pacman machines. When Dragon's Lair came out, we were all mesmerized. How technology has advanced!


To be honest, I am a sore loser, and may choose not to participate. It'd be fun to watch, however. Doug might like to participate. Maybe those that wish could get together earlier and find some of the downtown-ish caches?



OMG, they have Q-bert and Frogger and Asteroids?!?! I may have to re-think my position... maybe I should bust out the ol' GBA and polish up on the Frogger...


Temporarily French Polynesia's most prolific geocachers!

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Originally posted by dasein:


When Dragon's Lair came out, we were all mesmerized. How technology has advanced!


Maybe you had more quarters than i did, but that game sucked total butt. That was the first game that required TWO quarters, right? As i remember it, you put 50 cents in the machine, then you saw about eleven seconds of cartoon, then you lost--through no fault of your own. i HATED that game. I'd rather play that weird 'Journey' game based on the band by the same name.


all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed

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