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Make Waze Available As A Map Selection

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You can set Waze (must be installed first) to open in car navigation in the Official Geocaching App, a setting which will affect other supported Apps as well.


Open the “Google” App (rainbow “G” icon). In its menu, tap “Default apps”, then “Waze”. Back out of that screen, and tap “Done”.


Navigate to a cache by tapping the car icon in The Official Geocaching App. I get a selection of map Apps each time. I tried the setting “Ask me which app to use every time”, and it doesn't work as I expect. I'd like it to pop up just like Google Maps did, without the extra step of choosing a map App.  Maybe it's a phone thing or some kind of glitch? If I can make “Waze” pop up without having to select it, I'll post the results.


Anyway, even if Waze doesn't pop up while navigating to a cache, at least it's one of the selections now.

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