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Icon? Not the square but a android icon

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So I lost my icon.Ā 

This one showed up. Today I Uninstalled and reinstalled but it's the same?Ā 

Should I be concerned? šŸ™„Ā 


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Interesting. Can you tell us what model phone you're using, and what version of android it's running?

So long as you downloaded the app from the official Google Play store it should beĀ fine; it's likely just a minor incompatibility with the icon included in the app that's causing it to use the default android app icon instead.

Still, definitely something we'd want to fix, so thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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Sorry took me so.. Long.Ā 

I think this is what you are asking for if not please let me know.Ā 

It's still the android for an icon.Ā 





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I have the same icon. Recently joined premium through Play Store. Have Moto G Play.

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