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Web app for finding benchmarks

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tl;dr: https://findbenchmarks.com/


I created an iPhone app for finding benchmarks years ago, but I got tired of Apple's development restrictions/costs. The NGS site (https://www.ngs.noaa.gov/NGSDataExplorer/) is, frankly, rather clunky, especially for mobile use.


I used the back end from my old app, updated my database (which I will do every month to capture the NGS releases) and made a pretty basic web app. I've only tested it with my iPhone X so far, and a couple of Android emulators. I won't bore you with instructions, since this group tends to be at the right side of the bell curve.


I welcome feedback. This is just the first iteration. One nice thing about making it browser based is much faster turnaround for enhancements and bug fixes.

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