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Halloween - Anyone else dressed up?


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No, I didn’t go anywhere - just wanted to welcome everyone who came to our door in a fun sort of way!  I did post this picture on FB and got many responses but only from one of my geocaching friend who also took the time to check the cache number which is actually one of the caches we placed recently.  

I did get the trick or treaters to sign my log!  We live out in the sticks so do not get many at our door but it was a fun evening. I do try to promote geocaching quite often and have managed to get a few who are interested.

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I cache in some outta the way places.  Dressing as anything other than human could get you in a bind.  :D


Between the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas we put hallmark ornaments in true regulars and ammo cans, and will often have a Santa hat on when closer to that holiday.

There's been a few kids surprised over the years, getting a gift from/meeting Santa on the trail.   :)

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Just to be clear, I am dressed as a geocache not a geocacher!  lol. Unfortunately you can’t see much of the hook on my hat but that’s for hanging this gigantic bison tube from an evergreen tree - as if a pipe cleaner is strong enough. ?

cerberus 1, I like your idea of the ornaments and Santa hat.  It’s always nice to step things up a notch and to make it more fun for the kids!

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I dressed up as a knight. I made a chain mail thing made out of actual metal and some armor plates at the bottom and I put on a cape and a little helmet with feathers on top. I made most of it for the renaissance festival that comes to Houston. Then I decided why not keep wearing it its not like its not gonna last. I didn't cache on Halloween though cause I worked.

But I did put on my costume again and stood "guard" by a tree in front of our house. I scared this lady and her daughter she thought I was a statue decoration. Then I scared these 2 teenage girls they were running in the streets and I yelled, what are you running from?? They had no idea I was there somehow they missed a large guy in a knight costume, they were like OMG what was that?! 

knigt gab.png

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On ‎11‎/‎1‎/‎2018 at 6:13 PM, Ewe&Me said:

cerberus 1, I like your idea of the ornaments and Santa hat.  It’s always nice to step things up a notch and to make it more fun for the kids!


Sorry, I don't put threads on follow/watch and missed it.   

We're thinking that maybe someone in the family got a new play toy and they wanna try it out.   :)

The downside to this is there's so few true regulars these days , I sometimes end up hitting caches I've already done.

Even a small can often fit one or two of the  mini ones, but now that some call pill bottles small, they're out too, and just a find.

Last year, all caches I placed ornaments in, I did just a couple weeks earlier.

 - Definitely not a numbers cacher.    :D


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