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New map errors

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I've logged in this evening to find myself part of a trial of a new mapping format.  I'd be willing to give it a go if it was not for one of the first things I noticed being an imaginary street across the middle of London.  What's with the "Middleton Street" that goes right through the National Gallery, then goes on to become St Peter's Way and De Beauvoir Sq further up towards Mayfair?  It zigzags randomly eastward towards Temple and up to the Royal Courts of Justice as well, with various different names as it goes.  I know this area well, so can work round it there, but I won't be able to rely on this mapping in areas I don't know.  Any other glaring errors out there?

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The map data is actually from OSM and in Groundspeak's version it's slightly out of date.  That sounds like an obvious error, so it's probably already fixed at the source.  Is it?


If not, would you mind fixing it?  Anybody can.  Thanks.


EDIT: That was a pain to find because you didn't supply a link.  Here's how it looks in the classic layout (I don't have access to the new), but theoretically this'd be the same map you're seeing:



Yep, a glitch.  But it's okay in the source, so the fix should appear at the next Groundspeak update.


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