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Berta Nick Zoey

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4 hours ago, Berta Nick Zoey said:

I haven't run the My Finds query for 2 months.  I tried to run it tonight and it isn't working.    If I click the add button, it takes me to another screen that tells me about running pocket queries.


The "Add to queue" button isn't even working for me at the moment.

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Hmm... I just tried it and it worked.  I wasn't timing it, but it took less than 10 minutes.


When I clicked on the Add To Queue button, it did return me to the top of the page, but scrolling down towards the bottom I did see the 'your query has been added to the queue' message and the GPX was generated shortly thereafter.


I have been avoiding the 'new' portions of the site as much as possible, so I have no idea if that could have any bearing on the situation.

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