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Feature Request - Allow more than 100 bookmark lists

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Please allow more than 100 bookmark lists.


I use bookmark lists to keep track of puzzles, challenges to do, and caches that qualify for challenges, Geoart lists, caches within a geoart,

caches for coin challenges, caches for cache machines, caches for upcoming day trips, caches for upcoming longer trips, day planning for caches on trips abroad, 

caches I need/want to get today, cemetery caches, lamppost caches, guardrail caches, solved puzzles that need to be found, gadget cache lists,

caches to find when I'm in that area of town, old caches, caches I need for my Fizzy, caches I need for my Jasmer etc etc etc.


It is very very very easy to exceed the 100 caches lists -- especially now that one can copy cache lists.


Please please please allow more than 100 caches ... 256 would be a nice number -- if you need an arbitrary number at all. Or better yet 1000.


AND -- please allow us to sort the cache lists either by most recent or by the alphabet.


Please, please, pretty please with your favorite topping on top?

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