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MSIE on Win 7

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I don't think anything has changed at my end, so I assume that Groundspeak have "upgraded" something. Anyway, when I enter a URL such as https://coord.info/GC6CGYJ - as copied from the drop down at the top right of each cache page - I get a blank screen. I have to click "refresh" to make the page actually load. This also applies to some other geo pages.

Also the Personal Notes section, when in edit mode, used to be maybe a dozen lines long IIRR. It shrunk to maybe 6 lines a few years back. It is now down to 4 lines which is too small to do any useful editing in. So I have to copy and paste it to an external editor and then repaste it.

Oh yes - the personal notes no longer select in the old easy way. You used to be able to click on the line of a note and the edit would open and be highlit. Now you have to click on the text (no use clicking on blank to the right) and then you have to wait for it to open in an edit box and then you have to click again on the text to "get in" to it. Why all these counter productive changes?



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