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Please help


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Sorry for my lack of reply...


Honestly.. I don't know the story either. I'm guessing it was some sort of car accident though.

I came upon the site by accident when placing the cache.

It's just one of those things that you come across that makes you appreciate life. I thought I would share this site with others by placing the cache nearby.





N 45° 30.ish

W 122° 58.ish

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You see roadside memorials for accident vitims all the time, but this was odd because of the location so far from the road. Makes you wonder if there was some other circumstance involved. I found their names on the SSDI list (Social Security Death Index).


J.A. Elliot - Born 7-23-62


Thomas C. Elliott - Born 11-27-85


Both died on 5-20-96


19973_600.gifThe adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup

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Originally posted by Bodoni:

I took some pix of the site and will post them if fractal gives his okie-doke. They don't give much away, but they sure let you know you're in the right area.


Feel free to post the pics. Just let everyone know it's a bit of a spoiler.



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I read this thread and looked at the pictures, and it made me sad, but intrigued, so I tried to find some info about Jenny and Tommy too. No luck! Nothing! I found the same SS info Navdog found, that was all. Both applied for SS#'s in Oregon. So nothing really. That makes me even sadder. That two people (probably mom and son) died there and someone loved them and misses them so much they have that memorial, yet we -in this information age- can't even figure out who they were! It was only 1996!


I thought about doing a locationless of all those memorials along the highways and roads, usually crosses. But then... well... I thought about it, and it probably wouldn't be a good idea to have folks stopping in the road at PROVEN dangerous places to snap pictures. Wouldn't want anyone ELSE to get hurt just searching them down.

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