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On 8/8/2018 at 5:52 AM, IceColdUK said:

Maybe I’m just not seeing the problem.  If I lived in an area swamped with ‘meet and greets’ I suppose I might see it differently...

I suppose my area could be considered "swamped" as there will often be multiple caches every month by non-US cachers that are visiting HQ.  There are often meet-and-greet events on weekdays near HQ that EO's schedule around their HQ tour. I'm often surprised at how well-attended these events are. And it's not just Lackeys that are attending, but also local cachers that head out there to meet the tourists. Especially surprising to me are the ones scheduled in the morning, which means fighting through commute traffic to get to.


I haven't yet attended any of these types of events, mostly because of the timing of the events, but some do sound interesting and would be a great way to pass along TB's that want to get out of the country. I suspect that a fair number of these events are 'placed' by the EO's so they can have an event for "Cache Types in a Day" - along with the GS HQ cache type.


Considering all this, I don't see a problem with cachers planning such Events. But maybe that's because these events are generally well-attended and the EO's seem to 'want' other cachers to attend. If the EO's were placing these cachers with the expectation that no one would attend, then I might feel differently.



On 8/8/2018 at 6:49 AM, irisisleuk said:

And I agree about what you say "we’d all need to get better at logging those WAs". Lots of cachers don't seem to bother anymore to write a WA-log, not even a maybe I'll come if this and that will work out-note, which can by very annoying for event organizers. Funny enough these people are often the first ones to log the event as attended, within the first minute it started. 

Some cachers may not log WA for privacy reasons. Not wanting to announce that they will be at a specific place at a specific time in the future. It's very different from logging an Attended or a Found/DNF, which says where they were in the past.    I don't fault cachers that don't log WA for privacy reasons.


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On 8/11/2018 at 5:47 PM, niraD said:

That sounds like a great idea for an event. But how did you deal with the prohibition on moving events? Did you meet at the posted coordinates for half an hour, and then leave for the guided tour?


Haven't been here for a while but don't want to leave anything unanswered. (Sorry for the delay). The answer is yes, exactly as you described.

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