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Website error Android browsers

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When viewing the website on an Android phone or tablet using either Chrome or Firefox, the info pop-ups on the map open patially off-screen and they cannot be cancelled because the 'X' is off-screen. If I drag the screen to try and center it, the popup is moved off screen again. 

Viewing on my laptop is fine. It only does this while viewing on a mobile device. 

It looks like instead of centering the popup on the screen, it's centering the upper left corner of the popup on the screen. Then if you pan or zoom the screen, it redraw the popup off screen again. 

Screenshot below. Screenshot.thumb.jpg.3c9fadde2c54046a0c33b1bd67604330.jpg

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I have an Android and pulled up the website in Firefox. I had no problem dragging the map over to show the X and cancel the cache popup.

Have you tried turning the phone sideways to Landscape mode? That should give you a wider picture to see the whole popup box since you can't drag your map.

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