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Have underlying maps stored on device rather than always download them

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It seems that my geocaching activity is using a lot of my data plan. As an observation it seems that a lot of the image reloading not only includes the physical caches but continually reloading the physical street/trail maps that for the most part don't change much.


It would be great for me to download the street/trail map of my area as 90% of my caching is within 10 miles of my home. The streets for the most part don't change that often and when they do the maps are out of synch anyways for awhile. Then only connect to the database to retrieve the cache location icons. Should you travel outside of the area already downloaded, ask the user to download the next area or go into interactive mode as it is implemented today.


This would help out in areas where cell service is non-existant. I can't tell you how many times I decide to go for a cache and then have to turn around to reconnect because I lost the information. Most times you don't know you need to download offline data till it's too late. 


I'm not sure how much storage this would require if it is feasible or not. 

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