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The simple answer is that you can't run Windows apps on Chrome OS.


The more complicated answer is that there are ways to run Windows apps on Chrome OS, just as there are ways to run Windows apps on Linux or on Mac OS. But none of them are ideal, and none of them are as simple as running an app natively on the system it was designed to run on.

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Just plug in your GPS device or phone to the USB port and copy the gpx files from your chromebook. Not sure how this works if you have an Chromebook and want to load into an Iphone but you can also just email yourself the gpx file and copy it over that way.


Now, if you using EasyGPS as a filter first before loading to your GPS, not sure if there is a equal.


Good luck. 

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I do as suggested when I am downloading gpx files to my Garmin GPS.  When using my android smartphone, I have the geocaching app on my phone and I create a list which can be used offline if I have no network access.  I have compared my smartphone app to my handheld gps and it is as good or better.  Can actually watch myself getting closer to the cache.

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Sorry for being late to this party.  The recent lowend chromebooks have put one in my hand.  They are much better than I expected.


Currently there is a lack of geocaching apps on the chromebook.  However the official app seems to run fine.  There are  others that seem to as well.  Mostly my intended used is to control my GSAK machine which can now stay safely at home.  Better to risk a $200 machine in the field than a more expensive laptop. RemoteDesktop and VNC seem to work pretty well for that.  My GPS is mostly mobile phones so they load through the cloud and so does the chromebook.  


Loading a GPSr in the field remains untested here.


Hopefully the android app developers update their manifests to support chromebooks. Having a big screen for mapping would be nice.  


Mostly I hope to use the chromebook for updating drafts using the official app but with the benefit of a keyboard.


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