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  1. Hey folks, now that the openstreetmap website is screwed up for downloading maps, can anyone suggest a similar website for getting detailed maps? I need one for part of the US and one for Italy. Thanks
  2. Does anyone use a Chromebook laptop for Geocaching purposes? How does it handle Windows apps like EASYGPS to download caches?
  3. Thanks for the replies. Is there any way to display geocache names when I go to map view?? I see the caches but no names, however the parking waypoint has a name???? I t6hink I might return this Dakota, even if it costs the restock charge. My Legend is way easier to use, even with the paper used.
  4. I have been using a Legend Hcx for years and just bought a Dakota 20 for paperless. How do you change a cache to FOUND? How do you delete a cache? When I write a cache to the Dakota the website asks if I want it written to the Dakota or the microSD, which one should I use? I have read the whole owners manual, as far as geocaching is concerned, it sucks.
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