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  1. Thanks. I had not seen that in that forum.
  2. I was viewing Geocaching.com > Map which is a filtered map. Clicking on an archived cache brings up dialog that asks me what I was looking for. The option of the cache I clicked on was not available. On both Edge and Chrome, clicking the X and closing the window does not return me to the map. Instead the dialog appears to be in a loop. My expected behavior was that clicking the X would return me to the map. It also seems weird that the system cannot show me a cache it is showing on the map. Thanks.
  3. Is there a place to get the same number but for adventure labs?
  4. This seems to be the return of an old problem. GSAK got a response from the server that it was a deadlock victim on an API call. This surprised me some and I thought I was mostly reading data from the server and not writing,. Quota updates may have been occurring so there may be some writing under the hood. Is this the right place to document this or should should it go in the website bug area? API server errors don't seem to fit nicely into either API applications or the website for reporting bugs. The only references I could find to this type of error were old. ,and
  5. Just to get the answer posted here. https://api.Groundspeak.com/documentation#change-log This added some Adventure lab content back in May of 2021.
  6. This is an interesting line of thought. How should people feel satisfied with what they pay? While the benefits of using the website have changed over time, the marketing has also changed. If someone signed up as a charter member should they expect less as they service was less developed when they bought in. Or should someone who thought the $30 was too much for the 2002 features be limited to the features of when they signed up? And then how do you handle users who would have decided the $30 was too much until they discovered a new feature was available? It is certainly an interesting question. With increased privacy rules, some features that people may have used are being removed for legal compliance. Should people receive a refund? As for other bills, should this be compared to life insurance which has generally gone down or utilties which have generally gone up? This all makes me glad I am not a product manager.
  7. That could be viewed as a feature. It made you think about which caches were better than others.
  8. Rereading, I understand your confusion. "logged" could be "logged by finder", "logged on cache", or "logged on hider cache".
  9. This sounds like an interesting idea. It certainly helps folks who chase high favorite point caches not have to decide which is the best. And you are right that someone who blankets an area with high quality caches may be penalized with the current system. A beautifully constructed puzzle can also deserve a favorite point even if it is a substandard container. Looking at it from the other side, what are the implications for someone who can only grab a single cache in an area? They may have a harder time finding the one best cache in the area. Just to clarify, if I find a cache with 6000 favorite points, I would get another 6 favorite points? Also what happens when a cache that had 6000 favorite points later gets 7000, do I get another favorite point? And if a cache has 7000 and drops to 6999 what happens? There may be a philosophical point here. Are favorite points to reward hiders or help seekers?
  10. Sorry for being late to this party. The recent lowend chromebooks have put one in my hand. They are much better than I expected. Currently there is a lack of geocaching apps on the chromebook. However the official app seems to run fine. There are others that seem to as well. Mostly my intended used is to control my GSAK machine which can now stay safely at home. Better to risk a $200 machine in the field than a more expensive laptop. RemoteDesktop and VNC seem to work pretty well for that. My GPS is mostly mobile phones so they load through the cloud and so does the chromebook. Loading a GPSr in the field remains untested here. Hopefully the android app developers update their manifests to support chromebooks. Having a big screen for mapping would be nice. Mostly I hope to use the chromebook for updating drafts using the official app but with the benefit of a keyboard.
  11. This seems to be honored more in the breach than the observance. There were plenty of logos in this years finalists. Some even felt like product placements here. Most seemed incidental.
  12. Howdy, This runs fine on my chromebook. However it does not take advantage of all the screen real estate and looks like it is running on a handheld. Thanks.
  13. Cachemaid http://www.cachemaid.com/ seems to work reasonably well on the chromebook. It expands to full screen. Now the question is how to get position data into the chromebook.
  14. Howdy, The geocaching app works on my chromebook but does not take advantage of the larger screen. Are there any partner apps that work on a chromebook or do a better a job? Thanks
  15. Thank you all. I never even noticed that option was available.
  16. For some users, it appears there is a discrepancy between the geocaching.com website and the API on the number of souvenir a user has. A quick example suggests that the issue is with the website and not the API. As an example case, Der_Holzmichel has 384 souvenirs on geocaching.com but 399 through the API. The user's profile shows 384 at this link. https://www.geocaching.com/p/default.aspx?guid=6edc0ca4-c502-40db-a5a0-c2b1f37aacbf&tab=souvenirs#profilepanel To easily see the API results the project-gc profile stats are the easiest. https://project-gc.com/Profile/ProfileStats?profile_name=Der_Holzmichel&getprofile=Get+profile#Souvenirs However an API call to /v1.0/users/PR5H3WD/souvenirs gives a total count of 399 as well. The reason for suspecting the website is that the website does not return the Bayern souvenir for the user but project-gc has it. It appears the user's first cache is in Bayern and earned the souvenir. Project-gc shows the user has earned that souvenir. This is being reported as a bug under the theory of if there are two different answers, one of them is wrong. On a more speculative basis, it appears that the website may miss souvenirs with "late" logs. However this has not been confirmed.
  17. project-gc's access seem to include access to stages and found status which I didn't think the normal API allowed access to. The point was more that HQ seems willing to make more information available to partners than is currently shared. The channel seemed less important to me than the content.
  18. Perhaps there are technical solutions to some of the philosophical issues. For the availability of stages, make it dependent on the user and adventure. For linear adventures, only have the api share the next unfound stage and already found stages. For any order, share any order. For the availability of questions, the API could suppress these for anything other than the official app. The station location is much more valuable to me. For large adventures that span hundreds of miles (Maine Lighthouses), the starting coordinates may not be that helpful after completing a stage or two. The overlapping labs case also is helped. The used of existing navigation, maps, and trip planning tools are quite useful. Somehow project-gc has managed to find a suitable solution, so why the other API partners are having trouble is a bit frustrating.
  19. The issue that folks seemed to miss was the error loading data not the lack of the souvenir. This seems fixed now
  20. Interesting. So not only can i not see my updated list, it probably would not have had it added anyway.
  21. So after doing an earth cache this weekend i went to check the souvenir. No such luck.
  22. I had wondered where *nbg* came from. I always thought it was a GSAK issue.
  23. You might care to look at this page on project-gc. https://project-gc.com/Tools/DTHistory Also take advantage of the self support option on project-gc to update all your finds.
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