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  1. Perhaps there are technical solutions to some of the philosophical issues. For the availability of stages, make it dependent on the user and adventure. For linear adventures, only have the api share the next unfound stage and already found stages. For any order, share any order. For the availability of questions, the API could suppress these for anything other than the official app. The station location is much more valuable to me. For large adventures that span hundreds of miles (Maine Lighthouses), the starting coordinates may not be that helpful after completing a stage or two. The overlapping labs case also is helped. The used of existing navigation, maps, and trip planning tools are quite useful. Somehow project-gc has managed to find a suitable solution, so why the other API partners are having trouble is a bit frustrating.
  2. The issue that folks seemed to miss was the error loading data not the lack of the souvenir. This seems fixed now
  3. Interesting. So not only can i not see my updated list, it probably would not have had it added anyway.
  4. So after doing an earth cache this weekend i went to check the souvenir. No such luck.
  5. I had wondered where *nbg* came from. I always thought it was a GSAK issue.
  6. You might care to look at this page on project-gc. https://project-gc.com/Tools/DTHistory Also take advantage of the self support option on project-gc to update all your finds.
  7. You are right in that regard. The scenario I had in mind was on my phone while pulled over for 30 seconds to figure out whether to take this exit or the next one.
  8. True. But there may still be other places where e-mail comes from. The Watching was merely intended as an example not as a complete example of everyplace e-mail could come from. I don;'t want to have to clear out my watchlist to be able to find the announcement either.
  9. Thanks for the tip. I am having trouble seeing announcements in the sub menu.
  10. You assume that e-mail does not have the same overwhelming number problem that the logs do. As a pathalogical case if one has a watch on the event, it is just as swamped as the logs are.
  11. As Mega season is rapidly approaching, does anyone have an app that allows easy filtering of logs? Driving into events and trying to find the announcements posted is difficult. People usually are actively posting will attends and on the day of the event they are posting attends. It makes it tough to find where to pick up registration and the like. Thanks.
  12. IS this reoccurring? The website seems very sluggish this AM.
  13. With the recent announcement from Clyde on GSAK, it seems appropriate to remind folks of geoget. The integration of translation services into web browsers has made documentation much easier to understand in different language. So this is just bumping this up.
  14. sloth96

    Api outage?

    Some of my api apps are having problems this morning. It seems like part of the cluster is having an outage.
  15. Thanks. I was hoping to edit it and that does not seem as capable an interface. Hopefully the lackeys are on it soon.
  16. Having the same issue in Edge, Firefox and Chrome on my windows 10 system.
  17. Searching for caches based on the geotour attribute in the filter returned some results that did not quite make sense. Some caches appeared to be missing as compared with the geotour listings. Examples of these are GC11NMF, GC1BFB2, GC5XQJC, GC7TC09, GC7TBYX,GC8D4V9, and GC8D4V2. These results appeared consistent between the API and website. It seems odd that checking the geotours and the attributes would disagree. The question is what is authoritative for the souvenir.
  18. GSAK and Geoget both allow custom scripts to access the api. You can make custom request that way.
  19. So does anyone have a list of steganography tools that survive this transcoding? Outguess and silenteye are two that i have seen recently for puzzles.
  20. My concerns are more technical on the implementation and usability. Fundamentally, these strike me as Wherigo lite caches partnered with virtuals with similar good and bad features of both. But no-one forces you to play any part of the game. The given coordinates are not particularly helpful and for wide area adventures almost useless as the map fills in with more AL. If the app were to show or sort by nearest or next waypoint that would be much easier to use. It makes it easier to switch back and forth between multiple adventure labs at the same time. Connectivity for remote caches can be a challenge. Some providers have better coverage than others. Two stages this past weekend we were setting up hot spots on different provides so people could log it. Also weather phenomenon change propagation. It would be great if there were some offline capability so the online requirement was not there. It may not allow the instant feedback but any feedback is better than not being able to play. Perhaps an iridium hot spot will be my next tott. There are beautiful places at the end of civilization.
  21. It could be that some mystery caches require looking at the image at different times and assembling another image to make things work.
  22. Howdy, The picture should speak for itself but it appears that the source of data for the filter versus the rendering can get out of sync.
  23. Is the at cachername only something that works on the website? also can one only do it for friends?
  24. forgive me for not being clear. I meant the mentions e-mails from the following option. Mentions Send me a notification when someone mentions me in a log.
  25. Has anyone received any of these e-mails? I saw the option when checking my preferences for something else. I never recall receiving one of these. What is the syntax that triggers it?
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