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Halloween cache


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Since I'm off work for a while I have been thinking of making a special Halloween cache. This would be an event cache to be held the Saturday b4 Halloween. I would need the help of a couple of creative cachers and possibly a mole for what I am thinking. This is just the starting stages so just an idea is in the making. I will e-mail the idea to who helps. e-mail me @ matt@sanzones.com. Hopefully this will be a never forget experience, so if you want to be surprised I wouldn't volunteer



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A few years ago while living in Maine, several of us did a "haunted trail" for the kids. We were set up on a fitness trail that went through a woods. The trail was open at night and we toned down the scary stuff a little bit.


You could do something similar. Set up a multi-cache several places along a trail or path. Make it a night cache and position a few costumed people and props along the way.


I'd like to help you on whatever you decide, but my current lack of free time and distance away probably makes it kind of impossible.




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