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Revisiting previous finds

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I have an Etrex 10 and I want to visit a couple of sites that I found some time ago. I can't remember EXACTLY the location, so I tried to load the .gpx files into my GPSr.  The files ARE in the GPSr, but do not appear on the screen, so obviously, I can't navigate to them.


Is this because I have previously marked them as "Found"?    How can I get them to appear on the GPSr screen?   Should I try to delete the "geocache_logs.xml" file?



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have you checked your filters? In standard setting, only unattempted and DNF caches are shown on the list and on the map. I don't know the exact way to apply this filter on the etrex 10 as I own an Oregon 700, but that's what I found:

Filtering the Geocache
You can filter your geocache list
based on certain factors, such as
the level of difficulty.
1. Select Geocaches > menu >
Apply Filter > Quick Filter.
2. Select items to filter.
3. Select an option:
• To apply the filter to the
geocache list, select Search.
• To save the filter, select

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Yippee !:wub: Looks like that did it - I go to Where To? > Geocaches > Menu > Show Found and there they are - Thanks a million Henne1312.



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