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Explorist 310 Help

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Hello Friends

I am getting into this lovely game and I have a Megellian Explorist 310 it was a used before and i am a bit lost with it.

Can someone give me a brief over view of any programs or any thing i will need to get this to work with for geocaching,  I can see there are some some of maps loaded onto it. 

 I understand I can "just google it" but I am really having trouble. I know with the right extensions I can send the cach right to the unit but a brief overview would really be appreciated and i can focus in in details after! I also hear there are free topo maps.  I saw some caches loaded on the unit and it looks amazing the info that is included!! I am very excited.  I am more interested in using this then the phone.

I really appreciate any time one one can take in helping me with this.  This will be great for me and my family.




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